Talented Mamas by Caroline McNeill


I have an idea brewing. It has to do with all those talented mamas who have taken a few years out of the work force to do fingerpainting and make playdough with little humans... and bring up children who become awesome adults. I have met a lot of these people over the last few years, and not only are they talented, motherhood has forced them to reach a new level of efficiency and organisation that they never knew was possible (even though it doesn't always feel that way). I would love to somehow collaborate with these people, to help them find their way through the post-baby re-entry into paid work that fits into their 'school mum' lives. I think there are lots of entrepreneurs just searching for that perfect idea. Anyway, like I said, this is just a seed of an idea and I'm not sure what it will grow into... Thoughts welcome :)

Inspiration from nature by Caroline McNeill


Many of us are inspired by the beauty that surrounds us in nature. This was one of many incredible rocks I found by the edge of Lake Wakatipu. I love the texture, colours and lines and the interplay between all these elements.

Surfboard Snippets by Caroline McNeill

Ideas... where do they come from? A collection of memories, conversations, books, art.... the list goes on. I have decided to start photographing things that inspire me visually and use them when I am brainstorming for various projects.

What drew me to photograph this scene? I love the contrast of colours and shapes... And I love surfboards! This yellow beauty is my old faithful.